Understanding Men (for women only)

Are Men a Mystery to You? Or just Misbehaving? Crack the Code! Imagine… Getting what you most need and desire from men Appreciating men and yourself more Really understanding men and knowing how to communicate with them Falling in love … Continue reading

Sugar Part II – How Sugar Destroys Your Immune System!

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Kitchen Sink Experiment with Sugar and Oil

Hello! Just wanted to give you an idea of why there is such a rise in Late Onset Diabetes (Type II) and ask you a question. Notice how many drops of oil came out of one chip. Would you want … Continue reading

Why the US is ranked 50th on the health scale of developed countries!

The United States is ranked 50th on the health scale of developed countries! Why is it that one of the wealthiest countries in the world has poor health? This photo sums it up! … Continue reading

Sugar Part I – How sugar causes fat!

Today’s video is about how sugar causes fat storage . . . and what to do about it! 🙂 Please leave your comments below! 🙂 … Continue reading

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! … Continue reading

Have You Gone Gluten-Free?

If you have watched the news lately or picked up a paper you’ve probably seen something about gluten, gluten free products, or gluten intolerance. Do you truly understand gluten? If not, read on for our wellness guide to gluten. To understand how gluten … Continue reading