Who Needs Chiropractic

Who Needs Chiropractic?

In all honesty everyone needs chiropractic care. This may come as a surprise, not only people in pain need to see a chiropractor but it is also for those who wish to remain pain-free and stay healthy. After symptoms have been eliminated it is important to continue with maintenance care. Your spine, just like your teeth and eyes, needs regular check-ups to make sure there are no problems developing. Just like pain from a cavity spinal and musculoskeletal pain can be prevented. For this reason we also see children whose parents want to keep them from developing spinal and/or health issues. If there are early problems, they can be detected and treated more easily than if allowed to become a major issue.

Your next question may be “how often should I get checked?” This question isn’t easily answered. There are a lot of variables, such as diet, exercise, daily routine and posture that all play a role in spinal health. You may need more care throughout the year to maintain your healthy state. Patients who take care of themselves and follow the suggestions, stretches or exercises that the doctor gives will require fewer visits.

The key is finding out how often you need to be adjusted to continue with optimal health. Since every patient is different, wellness care is personalized to fit your needs.

To keep you and your family healthy, be sure to get regular chiropractic check-ups and follow the Wellness Care plan that has been designed for you.